Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Carmen Electra!
Travis Wall!
Let's go!

Guy group - Contemporary
Interesting, yet not dynamic.

Melanie and Marko - Jazz
Choreographed to "Americano," the dance was strong and entertaining, still it wasn't maybe as strong as the song.

And with the "he didn't inhale" comment, I love Cat Deeley a bit more.

Sasha and Alexander - Hip hop Not as sharp as it needed to be. It was kinda hip hop lite.

Jordan and Thadd - Waltz
They did a good job! Jack didn't love it or believe the connection, but I thought it was nice and believable.

Clarice and Jess - Contemporary
Jack "A lot of the dancers don't seem to dance between the steps."
I liked it and so far it's my favorite of the night. Needed to be tighter with the music, but otherwise it was great.

Ashley and Chris - Salsa
It was cute, the lifts were great, but there were moments of awkwardness.

Ryan and Ricky - Jazz
Jack "I started to fall asleep."
I thought it was oddly enjoyable.
The choreographers are lacking tonight.

Caitlynn and Mitchell - Contemporary
OMG!!!! The routine of the night! Dynamic! Powerful! Emotional! It was everything!!!!

Girls Routine
The girls killed it!

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