Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last Week of Christmas Message to Shoppers

One week until Christmas, people! This is your official "heads up!" As you wander like a crazy person into the malls and retail establishments of the world this week, please remember a few things:
1) YOU waited until the last minute to shop! If you have to fight crowds and crazy shoppers to find gifts, you only have yourself to blame.
2) The fact that the gift you wanted is gone is not the fault of the retailer that stocked it on the shelf the 6 months prior. Again, you snooze, you lose.
3) Being a bitch/dick to the people working in the store because you're frustrated only makes you a bitch/dick to one more person in the world. Kindness reaps rewards.
4) I cannot stress this enough, PARENTS NEED TO CONTROL/WATCH/DISCIPLINE THEIR CHILDREN IN PUBLIC! Good behavior is your responsibility, not the responsibility of the people who have to pick up after them.
5) Keep your receipts. Ask for gift receipts. It will save you time and stress later on.
6) When all else fails, a gift card is a lovely thing.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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