Thursday, October 16, 2008

Los Vivancos, Seven Studs, Flamenco, Dancing With The Stars

Reason #1,482 to watch Dancing w/ the Stars this season.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I hope this works...why Survivor is more eye-opening than ever!

Apparently, you can't keep a hot man down (or in his boxer briefs). CBS ran an unedited clip of Survivor Gabon contestant Marcus Lehman (the hottie) in one of the Survivor challenges, when his penis flops out of his shorts. Check it out here:

So guess who's getting a spin-off?

Former WILL + GRACE co-stars MEGAN MULLALLY and SEAN HAYES are set to star in a spin-off of the hit comedy.The pair will reprise their camp double-act in Karen + Jack, which is currently in development at network NBC.According to sources, Hayes was keen on a spin-off soon after Will + Grace ended in 2006 - but was put off by the failure of Matt LeBlanc's Friends follow-on Joey.Plans were then derailed when Mullally landed a talk show - but that flopped, throwing the pair back together again.The insider tells the National Enquirer, "They feel there is still a lot of life left in their characters and a lot of comic possibilities."If a pilot episode is successful, Karen + Jack could be on the air in the U.S. next autumn (09).

Australian Boy Breaks Into Zoo, Feeds Animals to Crocodile

Where were his parents?
His nickname will forever be Damian.
Check his scalp for the mark of the beast.