Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

And so it's begun...

Well, he's gone.

Our 20 year old kid has decided that the rules of the house (bathing regularly, giving us notice if he's coming home at 4am or not, having a job or going to school, really was about it.) were far too difficult to follow, so after some consideration and a Come to Jesus, he left.
Now, in the past, Sam spent many of his "wandering nights," sleeping on his friends' couches, eating their food, doing their drugs, and drifting back home when he'd worn out his welcome. He always had a warm place to land, provided he "apologized" for "forgetting to call" or "not letting us know where he'd been." Often the apologies came through the sad, glazed eyes of an addict. Nothing says "respect" like being apologized to by a grown man high on pot with the stench of two day old funk and smoke, gargled with mouthwash.

Now, he has kinda lost his parachute and he's doing what he really seems to want to do, live his life on his own terms and while we worry about everything from his safety to his health, we are done.

Done with the disrespect.
Done with the laziness. (Sleeping until 1pm was the norm, and despite the economy, PT jobs are not THAT hard to find.)
Done wih the lies.
Done with watching the slow self-destruction of a life we tried to nurture.

So he's gone and we wait to see what becomes of our kid.