Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Glee - Valerie

Oh I miss you!

Animal - Lady GaGa

I love this!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vacation wrap-up

So, I had a week of vacation held over from the previous calendar year that I was able to take this past week and it was glorious in its simplicity. As much as I love to travel and as much as I love my partner, this was a Me-cation, a week of doing stuff for and about me, and after being worn to a nub in retail, I needed it.

The following is a list of things I accomplished for myself, or the household, in the last 7 days. This may not be a complete list as I've slept since the events of the list, but I feel like I got a lot of stuff done. Yay, me!

Slept late...everyday. (Apparently, I was tired. I only saw 8am once.)
Got Christmas packed away.
Worked out. (Huge accomplishment because I'm currently under 200 and plan to stay there. I started to list excuses why working out wasn't happening. I'll spare you.)
Discovered Southern Maid donuts.
Watched Suze Orman.
Felt guilty about my finances.
Bought a book.
Began organizing my finances.
Put financial plan in action.
Began dreading frugality.
Began shopping with Christmas gift cards to feel better.
Looked at credit report. (Free online...everyone should do it.)
Envied Hubby's credit score.
Organized slum of an office.
Realized the OWN Network was taking over my life.
Cleaned bedroom and rid self of random crap I held onto for years.
Mailed belated Christmas gifts.
Realized I was a gift hoarder.
Found gift for mother I forgot to mail.
Sent friend Suze Orman video. (I shouldn't suffer guilt alone.)
Updated blog.
Cooked dinners instead of eating out.
Planned spending for household for rest of 2011.
Fixed broken light pullchain on ceiling fan (the wonders of the internet).
Setup husband's wireless printer.
Backed up files on my old laptop.
Purged closet of clothes I don't wear and donated them to the local LGBT center in town.
Watched 3 movies. (2 really good ones and a TOTAL crap one that was fun.)
Finished all of the ironing for the week.
Exchanged CD I received as a gift for clothes. (Although I still don't like Target's donations, I just don't know how to quit you.)
Cleaned up after the puppies.
Listened to podcasts.
Found some new music. (Nothing to be too excited about...MJ and Eminem. Will listen this week.)
Read half of Stephen King's "The Dome." (Good stuff!)

Wow...I did get some stuff accomplished this week, all without spending myself into more debt. I feel pretty much rested, although on these cold mornings the electric blanket makes oversleeping a reality. Tomorrow, I'll return to retail and try not to refer to it as Hell. I'll ease back into the grind, discover what I missed in the last week, and hope the rest of the year goes as wonderfully as the first part. Paying off credit cards will be the biggest boogerbear for me, not just because of the amount, but because I made a list of things I want, but don't need right now and I'm an electronics whore, so my Wants are expensive. (New iPad, anyone?)
So my Me-cation was a success!

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