Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin -- Sarah Palin Spoof

This week SNL began its season with one of the most hilarious skits I've seen in awhile. Of course, pundits and strategizers are calling the skit sexist and offensive to the candidates...

What do you think?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Christina Aguilera Live At 49th Grammy Awards!

This makes me smile and want to sing (probably badly) and sure that Xtina is the baddest singer in the world.

Christina Aguilera [[VMA 2008 Performance]]

Reason 4,823,726 to love Christina Aguilera...

Ike beats up TX like Tina when she talked back

Well...less than 24 hours until the storm reaches Dallas. As you can see, Galvaston may be a wash in the next few hours (and people actually heard the words "certain death" if you stay, and stayed). It's a category 2, but it's still a freakin' hurricane!!!! Get out of the way. My prayers are with my friends and their families who may be in the path of the storm still. Be safe.

Remember...FEMA is NOT gonna be a source of relief if the worst happens.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Because it's funny...

Fossil Rim, Dinosaur park, and the reason we always need a spare.

So, this morning my hubby and I have the weekend off together (I know, right?!?), so we decided to take a drive down to Glen Rose, TX and visit Fossil Rim, which has a Dinosaur Park with large replicas of dinosaurs and fossils of the dinosaurs for tourists to walk over and stuff. So we packed a bag and jumped in the car. Woo hoo!

An hour and a half later (due to a shopping pit stop and a stop for energy drinks and to pee), we arrived, changed to our swim/hike gear and jumped into the murky, but cool waters of the Paluxy River. (Sorry no pics...water and digital photography don't do well.) The hike along/through the river tested both of us and our ability to balance, look graceful, and not smack our heads on the slippery rocks below. On more than one occasion we called each other "Grace" and just prayed no one broke a limb. We swam for awhile (all the while looking out for water's all fun and games until some adult across the river tells his child to look out for snakes...), hiked a bit, then a few hours and miles later, we packed up and headed off to find some food. The first pic is of the view as we entered the campgrounds. The next pics are of some of the sights we saw on the road.

Hubby had been to Glen rose before, so he knew of a wonderful BBQ place. As we drove, we hit something in the road of substance, but never actually saw anything in the road behind us or on the tire when we got out, so we parked at the restaurant and forgot all about it. No damage, no problem. We had a wonderful dinner at Hammond's BBQ (Hoo-rah!!! Chopped beef, baked potatoes, and sauce!). Then on the way home we went. Chantal (the GPS in hubby's car) said we had 73 miles to get home and we started out on the highway when a mile down the road the car made an unGodly thumping sound and Jack pulled us over. Apparently, whatever we hit sliced the tire just enough to let us drive, then it ripped the inner portion of the tire until it popped and shredded. Rah.

Luckily, a car can go at least 50 miles on the donut.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Thanks for the memories

On this day in 1996, my partner and I met and began a journey that has lasted 12 years and hopefully will continue well into our old age. I just wanted to thank him for 12 years of love, growth, tears, travel and joy.