Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Key West Part 2 v.5.2

BlogPress is about to work my last nerve, but I will carry on. So, after the pool, we head out to meet our dinner companions. Our table of 6 consisted of ourselves, Elaine and Chuck, and Dale and Kelvin. Elaine and Chuck celebrating their 2 yr anniversary on the cruise. They met as teens on her parents farm in Montana, met other people, married, divorced, and found each other years later at a relative's wedding. What they must've thought of their dinner companions, I wonder.
Jack and I are a couple who are not, shall we say, shy or quiet. Actually, Jack is a pro at handling social situations and I riff well of of him. So, they got to meet a loud, pushy, interracial gay couple on day 1 of the cruise. Then there was Kelvin and Dale. Kelvin was a senior manager for one of the airlines. In his (50s???), mature, and kinda reserved until you got him talking. Dale, at first glance, looked like his college-bound son. Young, sporting an emo-for-work haircut, we discovered he was in fact a 25 y/o bank loan officer. He was Kelvin's polar opposite, gregarious, chatty, with a laugh that covered the entire dining room that seemed rise up from his soul.
Over the course of our cruise we would wonder what the exact nature of their relationship was. As gays, even in situations where we should feel comfortable, sometimes we don't feel safe enough to be completely honest. And that is okay. I just wish we were able to speak more freely to one another, but it's hard to deal with the judgment of strangers. The official story was that Dale had lived with Kelvin since he was 18 and has since housesat for him when Kelvin had to travel for business. I'll explain later on that sometimes comments or behaviors made us think there was more afoot.
Dinner was delicious ( rib!) and we decided to hit the show "A Toast to Broadway" by the ship's singers and dancers.

The show started with selections from "The Producers," which was done really well. They moved on to "Cabaret" "Cirque du Soleil," a couple of other numbers, and then finished up with "The Lion King." Now, again, the performers did a good to AMAZING job with their material. That said...DID NOBODY SUGGEST IT MIGHT BE AWKWARD TO SING SONGS FROM THE LION KING WITH AN ALL-WHITE (even Scandinavian White) CAST?!? Complete with the Debbie Allen tribal dances from "Fame?"
Well, it was priceless to watch.
Here is some eyecandy:

The show was really good. Better than I expected, even. No doubt whatsoever that there were a whole bunch of 'mos dancing onstage.

We headed out for some casina action (Hey Nessa and Derek...lost some money in your honor). Lost all my cash on poker, Jack, on the other hand, left with $50. Lucky.

The end of a fun day, but worth it.

Tomorrow: Cozumel
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