Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cruise Day 2 - Key West

We got up earlyish (9am is earlyish for vacation) and had breakfast. The buffets onboard were pretty standard (omelette station, cereals, homestyle, waffles, fruit and heart healthy), but underwhelming. We ate and then hit the boardwalk to tour Key West. A trolley tour zigzagged us around the island and gave us a great history of the architechture and people of the island. Too cold on the beaches for too much people watching, but there was some nice eye candy. Our tour dropped us off back at the pier shopping center, so our limited time left was spent with conch fritters and real key lime pie. Mmmmmm!

We decide to actually have a lunch, so we ate then found a couple of deck chairs by the pool area. It was cool and the temperature was at that place that showed a marked delineation of the races and the ages onboard: White or young - bikinis and Speedos, old or Black - jackets and hoodies and blankets.

Not that it was a problem. There was some unfortunate nakedness from some of the passengers onboard (No sir! 50 is not fabulous in a Speedo under a muffintop and leathery tan.), but the rest was kinda gorgeous. Made the average person (read: me) decide to wait until the beach to get full sun. I mean, if it's you right next to this on the beach, how comfortable are you naked?

So, Jack and I opted to pull up some deck chairs, listen to some music (or podcasts...Big Fatty made it on another cruise, y'all!), and have adult beverages. All this while the hottie Airmen and friends took up residence in what I liked to call the Hottie Stew, or the raised hot tub by the pool.
The view:

The beverage:

Next up...dinner and the aftershow!

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