Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol Live Week 3: Guys' Night

This is actually the first week I've seen the guys perform. For one reason or another, I missed the guys perform, so luckily I had no preconceived ideas about them like I did the girls. Let's talk performances:

Lee Dewyze - Fireflies
Liked him and his rendition. No major faults, so good for him.

Alex Lambert - Trouble
Good job with the song. Like his voice and it was the perfect song.
It wasn't horribly original, but it sounded really good. I want him to get a pair, though. You can sing, stop being scared.

Tim Urban - Hallelujah
Wow...really done well. You can be pretty AND sing. Now, stop with the mouth thing.

Andrew Garcia - Genie in a Bottle
Kinda daring. Was it strong enough? Not really.

Casey James - Think of Me
So natural. Wow. I'm loving him. It really was in his "pocket" and he just seemed comfortable on the stage and with the song.

Aaron Kelly - I'm Already There
Good, but the lower notes were shaky as hell.
(Wow...a Simon/Kara smackdown, or basically Simon telling Kara to shut the hell up.)

Todrick Hall - Somebody to Love
Jack: He missang it. Too many runs. Runs all over the place.
Me: He undersang it. He coulda blown the doors off that song, but he didn't commit to the gospel influence he added to it. Good job, but that coulda been a moment.

Michael Lynche - This Woman's Work
Set it OFFFFFF! That was a performance, not a competition. know you did a good job when you make a woman cry.

Top 2: Michael a mile ahead of Casey
Bottom 2: Andrew and Aaron

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