Monday, April 4, 2011

Dancing with the Stars (Week 3)

Story Week This week, stars have to dance to a song and a story that has deep personal meaning to them. Here's how they did, minus the emotional backstory to cloud the issue. Wendy Williams - (Foxtrot "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life") Ugh...this was a mess.You could see her counting the steps and walking through the routine. Beautiful, as always, but about as comfortable on the floor as one Ms. Kardashian. Chelsea Kaine - (Cha Cha "Chelsea") She is one of my favorites this season. She's got musicality and she looks like a real dancer. Carrie Anne called it...she looks a little like Julianne, so good for her! Chris Jericho - (Rhumba "Let It Be") A lovely performance. His hips were a little wonky, but otherwise it was good performance. Kendra Wilkinson - (Rhumba "You and Me") Okay, what the hell happened in the smoke? Once she started dancing, it was actually very good. Sexy, hot, and controlled. Romeo - (Rhumba "I'll Be There") Very nice, but the emotional aspect felt very different from the one Chris did. He was more graceful than Chris, but it was just okay. Hines Ward - (Samba "Fantasy") Loved it, despite the couple of bobbles! Very natural, fun, and joyful. Petra Nemcova - (Waltz "You Raise Me Up") Very lovely dance. Dmitri did a great job with choreography and she looked very natural and graceful in the routine. Sugar Ray Leonard - (Paso Doble "My Prerogative") Ouch. What in the world did they see (the judges) that I didn't?!? He walked through it and looked awkward. (And producers, please stop making the dancers do cheesy Kirstie Alley - (Rhumba "Over the Rainbow") A performance worthy of 9s and let the jokes fly about Maks crumbling under the weight ... Ralph Macchio - (Rhumba "Stay Gold") There wasn't quite as much fluidity as one would expect from the dance, but it was a good effort. Top 2 Chris and Hines (Kirstie gets a special pass) Bottom 2 *sigh* Wendy and Sugar Ray Wendy needs to be the one to go.

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