Wednesday, April 27, 2011

American Idol - Top 6 Songs of Carole King

The idols lost Stefano last week, but now they are focusing their talents on the music of living legend Carole King. Mentored by Babyface this week, so they have major assistance this week.
Here we go.

Jacob Lusk - "Oh No Not My Baby"
One of his better performances. Not mushmouthy, not overblown, but controlled chaos.
The only issue, her catalog is deep with familiar songs, and this wasn't it. What was up with the Boyz II Men attire this week?

Lauren Alaina - "Where You Lead"
She took the notes, she trusted her voice, and she did it!
Really good job.

Haley and Casey - "I Feel The Earth Move"
Good, but forgettable.

*Scotty McCreery - "You Got a Friend"
Best performance yet. No mic affectations, wonderful voice quality, and still in his wheelhouse.

*James Durbin - "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"
WHAT?!? James just rocked out to Carole King. The intro was amazing.

Lauren and Scotty - "Up on the Roof"
They sounded amazing, but they needed to connect more.

Haley Reinhart - "Beautiful"
Not a fan of the choices, but

Casey Abrams - "Hey Joe"
Not my favorite Casey performance. The growl was fine, the vocal was impeccable, but it wasn't the most memorable.

Jacob and James - "I'm Into Something Good"
Kinda fun, despite the near flashing of J. Lo's girly bits.

James, Scotty, and Lauren

In Jeopardy
Not so much: Haley
Kinda: Jacob and Casey

Casey may just have growled himself out of the competition. Ouch.

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