Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Idol Top 7 - 21st Century Music

We kick the show off with Pink's "So What" (and the awkward singing of Paul). Mark Ballas in the audience showing support for his girlfriend Pia.

Scotty McCreery - Swingin'

Okay...I'm SOOOO glad the group called him out on his mic handling. Good singing, but Jimmy Iovine called it...the audience can get tired of the same ole Scotty. Not a breakout performance.

*James Durbin - "Uprising"

Great theater! Great entrance! Great song choice! Great performance! It was a perfect choice for him and it made him a standout.

*Haley Reinhart - "Rolling In The Deep"

Treacherous waters!!!! Adele is becoming one of the Untouchables (Whitney, Mariah, Celine).

Haley just validated why she's still around. She just sang the eff out of that song!

Little bouncy still, but she managed to rein it in.

Jacob Lusk - "Dance With My Father"

Something was off. He was great, as usual, but it wasn't the Moment. The earpiece issue seemed to throw him, but beyond that it wasn't as broad as it shoulda been.

*Casey Abrams - "Harder to Breathe"

Casey is a MONSTER! He looks like a Hobbit. But he just gave a kick-ass rock performance! He breathed such life into a fun rock-pop song. Wow! He made the 7 second delay guy work!

Stefano Langone - "Closer"

So disappointed. That was not a singer's song. It is more a performance song, but it just didn't go where it needed to go. He's a vocal powerhouse, but that was not the best performance.

Lauren Alaina - "Born to Fly"

She sounded pretty good, but it was a throwaway song. Not really a challenge. She made it so effortless that it seemed understated.

Top 2

James and Haley (Casey, as well)

Bottom 2

Stefano and Scotty (although Jacob is on notice)

I don't think Stefano saved himself this week

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