Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Voice - The Final 4

Javier - Piece By Piece
Loved it! Suited his voice and it seemed like a perfect song for Him

Dia and Blake - Won't Back Down
Fun performance! Dia's voice is unique and she made some interesting choices in the song.

Vicci - Afraid to Sleep
I liked the song, but I don't think the song went as big as the song promised. That's the sad thing because I had high hopes for Vicci's original song.

Beverly and Christina - Beautiful
Oh. Em. Gee.
Not just a beautiful rendition, but beautifully done. The only issue...singing it WITH Christina brings up the automatic comparison to the amazing voice of Christina, and it naturally paled.

Dia - Inventing Shadows
Jack "I liked it. It sat really well in her voice."
Me "She has a great voice and sound, but the song was sleepy to me."

Javier and Adam - Man in the Mirror
Wow! The first duet of the night where the performer shined at least as brightly as the coach. They sounded great together and it sat well in his voice.

Beverly - Lovesick
She always owns the stage, always gives great show. I didn't love the song. I WANTED to love it, but it wasn't catchy or

Vicci and Cee-Lo - Love Is a Battlefield
I couldn't stop smiling! Vicci is the only person onstage that gives Beverly a run for her money as far as performance is concerned. Great performance and great sound.

Rarely is there a show with such a tough call.
Based on duets
Jack - Man in the Mirror or Beautiful
Me - Man in the Mirror or Love is a Battlefield

Based on Singles
Jack - Inventing Shadows
Me - Piece By Piece

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Anonymous said...

I have to say I agree that this show has had some really great performers & its gonna be a tough call to say who "won". But, having said that: My thoughts
Javier - Talented. I mean the man can sang Downnn however, I truly think he piqued at Time after Time. Everything, since then has been good but jot great. He has a good single with Piece by Piece but its not something that's gonna rule radio. As if radio is still important lol
Vicci - I'm biased. Love her. I thought she really improved these last few weeks. I can still hear Jolene & Dog Days in my head. I have to say I loved the hook of Afraid to Sleep but not much else. The song was either too low or...I'm not sure but just didn't sound great. Speaking of all the audio in the studio sounded garbled but, I digress. Still love her. Wish it had been better.
Dia- That girl. I'm tellin you her faux sincerity is wearing thin. For me she comes off as for eyed ingenuine but is really a pro. Liked her song but didn't love it. People are eating her up. I dont get it. Talented, yes. But, not for me.
Beverly- She's got a voice *Awhooooooooo* but did not enjoy lovesick. She deserved the exposure. Want good things to happen for her. She seems the one with the biggest heart. Supremely talented. If I sang with Christina I wouldn't be able to stop smiling.

Can't wait til tomorrow. Thanks for the blog. *We are young, heartache to heartache we stand*