Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SYTYCD: Top 20!

First competition week with the contestants: Judges this week Nigel, Mary, and Megan Mullaly! Let's go!

Jordan and Tadd: African-Jazz
Fun routine and well-choreographed. No lack of energy.

Sasha and Alexander: Contemporary
Such a good job with one of Travis' routines. Raw, powerful, and so impactful.
Both are such wonderful contemporary dancers, that it was almost effortless.

Clarice and Jess: Broadway
Danced well, but boring for me. Raves from the judges and the choreographer.

Ryan and Ricky: Lyrical Hip-Hop
Wow! Fun, intricate routine from Christopher Scott. It was really fun and the dancers did a great job with the routine.

Caitlynn and Mitchell: Jazz
Sonya's choreography is usually amazing, but this wasn't my favorite. Robert filled in for the injured Mitchell and did a fantastic job.

Miranda and Robert: Latin
Wow! Fun routine. Don't know if the technique was 100%, but it was certainly fun. But it was just fun!

Missy and Wadi: Jazz

Wow. Athletic, dynamic, rhythmic. Performance of the night so far!

Melanie and Marko: Contemporary
Sometimes the work of Travis Wall is so amazing you forget that he didn't win! This is one of those times. The dancers did an incredible job with the piece and the only critique is at times there are moments when Marko lost his balance.

Ashley and Chris: Hip Hop
Good, but did not live up to the routines of earlier in the night.

Iveta and Nick: Ballroom
I think this is officially the end of the Curse of Quickstep! Great routine, great footwork, and entertaining!

Top 2:
Missy and Wadi
Melanie and Marko

Least effective:
Clarice and Jess
Ashley and Chris

Probably going home:
Ashley and Mitchell

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