Thursday, June 23, 2011

SYTYCD - Top 20 Redux

No one got the boot, so they all got to meet guest judge Debbie Reynolds!

Ryan and Ricky - Jazz
Great dance, full of sex and passion. Only regret, the fact the two were smiley all the way throughout.

Caitlynn and Mitchell - Contemporary
Dancing to Adele, they did a beautiful job with the story. Dramatic and beautifully danced.

Missy and Wadi - Cha Cha
Fifty percent awesome. Missy looked really good. Wadi...not so much. No hip action, no rhythm, just awkward.

Iveta and Nick - Bollywood
Jack - Looked like they just learned it.
Me - I give them so much credit for getting thru the routine with power and energy.

Miranda and Robert - Hip hop
Jack - I didn't like it AT ALL!
Me - I thought they did a fabulous job with such intricate choreography.

Clarice and Jess - Contemporary
Lovely. Simply lovely.

Jordan and Tadd - Viennese Waltz
I really kinda love Jordan. And Tadd is really kinda spectacular. The pair are for me the ones to beat.

Melanie and Marko - Jazz
Really a good routine.

Sasha and Alexander - Hip hop
Another NappyTabs routine! So well executed, so strong!

Ashley and Chris - First hot tamale train of the season! The routine was fun and kinda challenging. They did a good job with it.

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