Sunday, May 22, 2011

Teen Idol Dreams Come True

When I was a kid, I would come home from school and do my homework in front of the TV while my Mom watched her "stories." She was pretty faithful to her CBS soaps and would do housework to Young and the Restless, Search for Tomorrow, As The World Turns, and Guiding Light. Before long, I too was hooked on the one show I would catch the tail end of. In the early 80s, supercouples were just coming into being and GL had its own with Kelly and Morgan. This is John Wesley Shipp, the actor who played Kelly Nelson.

At least this is how he looked when he was at Laurel Falls with Morgan. I didn't know I was gay then. Didn't know what the word meant. I DID know, I LIVED for the days when he was in his Speedos at Laurel Falls and not in his doctor's scrubs.

Today, hubby, our friend Kathy, and I went to dinner and just happened to run into him and his costar, Amanda Pays at a tiny little out of the way restaurant. He was in town for Dallas Comic Con and having dinner with friends and I managed to catch sight of him on the way to the restroom. When he returned, Kathy stopped him and he was absolutely wonderful. Gracious and kind, he took the time just to chat with us and sign autographs. Here is what he looks like today:

(sans beard...I just liked the shot!)
He has certainly aged well, and made a man old enough to be past them, feel butterflies in his stomach at just meeting him.

Thanks for being a wonderful example of not only how to treat fans, but just being a great guy.

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Walt said...

OMG! You met Dr. Kelly Nelson?!?! That's fucking great. And I didn't know about your CBS soaps history. I watched GL from the early 70s until it was cancelled two years ago. I vividly remember Kelly and Morgan up at Laurel Falls, I remember that their song was "You Needed Me" by Anne Murray. I remember Morgan's mother was Jennifer aka Anne Marie Stafford and that she worked for Lucille Wexler, that bitch! That's great that he was totally cool and not a douche bag. I hate when I hear that someone you've admired for a long time is actually a real ass in real life.

Patience said...

He is right. I met JWS in front of the ABC Studios where ONE LIFE TO LIVE was taped. He was taping his last appearance as Eddie Ford on OLTL. He is one of nicest guys on the planet. We do sometimes communicate on Facebook on occasion.