Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Idol Top 4

Songs that Inspire and the Songbook of Lieber and Stoller + Gaga!!!!

James - "Don't Stop Believin'"
He breezed through it kinda effortlessly. He sounded great!

Haley - "Earth Song"
The voice was there, the build-up wasn't. Felt truncated. Randy said it sounded screamy. I just think it wasn't a great song choice.

Scotty - "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turnin'"
Scotty never ceases to amaze. The difference between this performance and Haley's was it was the perfect song choice and the perfect performance.

Lauren - "Do It Anyway"
Fantastic vocal! Fantastic choice! If she ever truly believes in herself, she could win it.

Lieber/Stoller (Coached by Gaga)
Haley - "I Who Have Nothing"
Way to come back swinging!
She had a moment. She delivered the song beautifully!

Scotty - "Young Blood"
Scotty's facial expressions when he sings a fun song are kinda scary. Vocally was great. Side note: wonder how many votes he picked up/cast off with his attitude with Lady Gaga.

Lauren - "Trouble"
She embraced the character and I appreciated it. Vocal throwaway, but she took Gaga's notes and it worked.

James - "Love Potion #9"
He is amazing to watch! He is so comfortable up on the stage and such a vocal powerhouse, he's the one to beat!

Top 2
James and Lauren

Bottom 2
Scotty and Haley

No one truly failed. Haley had one less effective song, but her 2nd song was a standout. If there was any justice, Scotty would go. He'll have a country music career. What will probably happen: Haley's gone.

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