Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Idol - Final 3

So now that Michael is gone, we have a sad footrace w/Crystal. Two songs, one by the judges, one from the contestants. Let's see how they do...

Casey James - Ok, It's Alright With Me
It was okay...good choice of genre, but not as impressive as it could have been. It was really, just safe and kinda boring.

Crystal Bowersox - Come To My Window
I hate the way the song was truncated, but she sounded really good. This is her genre. This is her vibe. It's a lovely story and I just felt like it was abbreviated.

Lee Dewyze - Simple Man
Voice is always interesting, but I swear this is one of those songs you'd hear at the end of an episode of 90210. Great vocal, but not a moment.

Casey - Daughters
Nice job, but if Crystal or Lee come out guns a'blazin....he'll be going home.
I do have a quibble...as they argue about it being a song w/o this big crescendo, I wonder why they chose the song if it wasn't gonna give him a moment?

Crystal - Baby, I'm Amazed
Again, another song where the singer gave a lovely performance, but I'm not a lover of her voice. That said, she did a good job. Awkward lack of gender change.

Lee Dewyze - hallelujah
Simon is genius.
The song. The build. The pagentry. Amazing! I think he won Idol with that song.

Top 2: Lee and Crystal
Going Home: Casey

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holly said...

i know who win ha ha