Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SYTYCD - 7/14 Performance Night

Hard to watch the show now that my favorite, Alex, was injured and forced to quit the competition. Still, great dancing ahead...and more injuries (Ashley).

The new format is great! Here we go!

Lauren and Mark (Tahitian)
Sometimes when they do more cultural dances, they struggle to provide a reference to the artform and worse, they come off quite boring. This was wonderful and exciting and challenging. And more importantly...memorable for all the right reasons.

Adecheke and Anya - Salsa
That was kinda hot. He still kinda dances a bit like a contemporary dancer doing salsa. But damn if he didn't pull it off.

José and Courtney - Broadway
Uhhh...they really kinda didn't give him much to work with. I mean, it was really a weak routine that didn't pull his strengths out and minimize his weaknesses.

Robert and Allison - Contemporary
It was magical. Travis is one of the best things to come out of this show. There were so many beautiful moments within the piece and Robert was just incredible.
Wow...first cry of the season.
(Shut. Up.)

Billy and Anya - Jive
Really good routine and again, he's a dance beast! Not awkward and not like a contemporary dancer doing another style.

Kent and Neil - Broadway
It was fun! It played to all of Kent's strengths and the pairing of him with Neil was so perfect for the song, it was kind of a moment for him.

Billy and Lauren - Jazz
Again, another fun routine. It was inspired and they really made what could've easily been a corny and contrived routine something fun to watch.

José and Dominic - Hip Hop
That was hot! There was so much going on and so many hot tricks that it was unreal! Was it the best NappyTabs routine? Hell no! Was it memorable? I think so.

Adecheke and Kent - Contemporary
I thought it was danced well, but there was an emotional disconnect for me. I didn't latch on to this piece like I did the earlier contemporary piece. Still, fantastic dancers.

Robert and Ashley - Disco
Okay, I don't get the disco routines. It's not my favorite and sometimes it looks like Trickopolooza. It was a good routine, but THANK GOD for his first routine.

Tops : Robert, Kent, and Lauren

In danger: José and Adecheke

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