Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Idol Final 4 - Songs of the Movies

Jamie Foxx is the mentor. Let's roll.

Lee Dewyze - Kiss from a Rose
Pitchy and all over the place. Not really original and not vocally a winner.

Michael Lynche - Will You Be There
Not bad, but he needed to take the song to church. He may have gone to a Methodist church, but that needed to be Southern Baptist, in the aisles, preaching, testifying, etc. It just wasn't enough.

Crystal/Lee - Falling Slowly
Lovely. She was very confident throughout and Lee rose to the occasion.

Casey James - Mrs. Robinson
Slightly better than karaoke. He did sound good.

Crystal Bowersox - I'm Alright
I love her, but I wasn't in love with the song or the song choice.

Casey/Michael - To Really Love a Woman
Nicely done! Better than the solos!

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