Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SYTYCD - Top 6

Christina Applegate!
Lil C!
6 fantastic routines!

Melanie and Twitch - Hip Hop
Who knew Mel could get funky? I liked it. It didn't rise to the level of Twitch and Alex's routine, but it was very good.

Sasha and Kent - Contemporary
It was sooooooo lovely. It wasn't the best routine ever, but God knows it just took her to the finale!

Marko and Janette - Paso Doble
It was a good routine but not as flashy as others.

Tadd and Ellenore
Unique, but it might leave voters cold after all the girl's routines.

Ricky and Jamie
It was okay. I found myself looking at Jaime more than Ricky.

Caitlynn and Pasha - Samba
Sexy and fun.

Sasha and Ricky - Wacking
Interesting time to bring in a new style for the contestants. It was a good routine and fun, but it won't be memorable.

Melanie and Tadd - Broadway
Was an incredible routine and it did seem like Tadd was dancing with an all-star. And Tadd was fantastic, too.

Caitlynn and Marko - Jazz
One of her best routines EVER and Marko is just effortlessly amazing!


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