Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SYTYCD - Final 4

Kenny Ortega!
Katie Holmes!
The Final 4 fantastic dancers!
Let's see how they rocked it!

Marko and Melanie - Disco
Wow...they wait until this week to goof up. This is the first time I've seen a crack in the skills of these two. The lifts were almost telegraphed and labored. Not a bad job, per se, but they have done much better.

Sasha and Mark - Contemporary
Okay...let me get this out of the way, first. Mark is gorgeous. Something about him is now. The routine wasn't as dynamic as we have seen from Sonya, but it was full of great moments for her. Was it my favorite of hers? Not by a longshot. Still, it was solid.

Tadd and Joshua - Hip Hop
Fun routine. Interesting to watch the two competing styles of hip hop side by side. Tadd is a smooth, slick hip hop dancer. Hard hitting and energetic, but with a slick as ice grace. Josh is much stronger and more animal in his style. Side by side, it was almost jarring, but it worked.

Melanie and Robert - Contemporary
Beautiful, beautiful work. This is kinda where the show begins. Emotionally riveting and such lovely pictures painted.

Sasha and Markova - Broadway
Aside from the awkward "Asian waiter" imagery, this was a fun routine. Sadly, most Broadway routines tend to be B O R I N G with a capital B, but it made me smile, so hopefully it isn't a forgotten routine for both of them.

Sasha and Tadd - Cha Cha
Felt kinda awkward. Lots of missed hand connections, weird positions. Ugh! Feel so bad for them.

Marko and Lauren - Contemporary
Another challenger emerges! Marko has been so strong this season and the beauty of this routine is that unlike other pieces tonight, it showcased his abilities.

Tadd and Melanie - Broadway
Gotta love a routine where Tadd is near naked! Both acted well, both danced well! Fun and one of the rare Broadway numbers that kept my interest from beginning to end.

Melanie and Sasha - Contemporary
Lovely. Again, where the choreography is amazing, the dancers rise to it and shine. There wasn't an obvious star in this piece. They were both amazing.

Marko and Tadd - Stepping
Wow...Katie has been taken over by aliens.
The routine was ill-conceived, poorly staged, and did the boys no justice. Had they both gotten a more serious or challenging routine, they might have put up a bigger fight.

Nigel was right. A girl will win and her name is Melanie.

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