Tuesday, May 5, 2009

RAWK Week at Idol!!!!!!

Idol switches things up again this week by bringing a relavent artist in to mentor (Slash) and having the Idols sing duets. The week was full of some great songs and we are now in the rough patch in picking people to send home. All are very good and all make viable artists. Let's talk singing...

Adam Lambert - "Whole Lotta love"
Controlled, yet wild. This was one of his best performances. Not terribly original, but really very good. Sorry, Ramble.

Allison Iraheta - "Cry Baby"
Her voice is incredible. No qualification needed. No "for a 17 year old." No "for a girl with so little life experience." Rock solid. Again, not very original, but very solid.

Kris and Danny - "Renegade"
The harmonies were wonderful. Individually, the two weren't as strong together. Actually, Danny was much stronger.

Kris Allen - "Come Together"
I must have been the only one who thought he did a really good job with the song. I would have expected him to play with the song a bit, but he chose, wisely, not to. That said, it's hard to watch his face while he sings. We'll see.

Danny Gokey - "Dream On"
98% greatness and then the last note, the money shot, the thing that saves him or rasied him above the others more often than not, was a HOT SHREIKY MESS! Luckily, the other 98% was there.

Adam and Allison - "Slow Ride"
Unlike the first duet, the harmonies were atrocious, but the individual voices sounded great.

Bottom 2: Danny and Kris

Unless a million teenage girls call and vote, Kris will get to go home to his wife.

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