Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today is a disappointing day. Look at the picture above. Nice couple. Together almost 13 years. It wasn't an easy 13 years. It was frought with pain, and struggle amidst the love and joy in their lives. Still, they as a couple stuck it out and remain together growing as a family. They have raised pets, bought and remodeled a home, seen the world, helped raise children...all the things that any other normal couple would do. So why would there be any reason to be upset?

Today, California, a state that should be at the forefront of America's fight for equality and justice, decided today that these people are 2nd or third class citizens, unable to legally wed if they so choose in that state. This, on the heels of Maine, Vermont, IOWA saying that it would be the right thing to do. I really want to know what Californians are thinking by denying gays this basic right.
Preservation of marriage? Really?!? Tell me that when they make it harder and harder for straight couples to get a divorce. There are more examples of America's acceptance of and pity for divorce (Britney, J. Lo., Liz Taylor, the city of Las Vegas...) They barely even respect the sanctity of marriage. Hell, get married and then gamble or get married in a drive-thru. Marriage as a holy or respected institution...gimme a break.

How do we threaten marriage? It seems that the only thing we threaten is the economy. Any married couple could put themselves on each others health plans, visit each other in the hospital, leave their belongings to each other in the event of death and be guaranteed that their wishes would be carried out. Gay couples, with as much, if not more, devotion to one another, cannot. *sigh* These arguments have been made before. Will hopefully be made again in 2010. Still, it's sad that in 2009, we have to convince people that we are just as worthy of, no...rightfully deserved of the same rights and priviledges as every other American.

I'm tired of the fighting. I'm tired of the talking about it. I just wish my partner and myself could see the passing of Prop. 8 lead to a cascading affect in America (with unfortunately our state of Texas being the last because...well, I have no doubt that my jackass of a governor will die before letting gays get married in Texas). The hope that California's vote carried was dimmed, but not extinguished. Here's hoping that the future shows America grow into the land of promise that it advertises itself to be.

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RambleRedhead said...

My dear Joe

Please don't give up hope - look at the states that do allow gay marriage and how it will only be a matter of time when it will happen even in Texas!

Keep doing what you are doing and continue to be proud of what you and your man has accomplished together.

I wish you both the very best!