Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day Two of the Cruise

We are some sleep-deprived people. This realization struck me when my Baby decided to try to dunn me for sleeping too late in the morning. I’d set the phone system to wake us up at 7:15am. Baby’s a.m. rant started at 9a.m.. What’s funny is that he really did want to go back to sleep, but breakfast was ending, so we had to get up. We hit the Windjammer and had buffet breakfast (which I love because I can’t begin to tell you how happy it makes me to eat in peace and not have to spend the entire time talking and getting to know people). That led to a walk on deck and then a cruise thru the promenade to shop at the overpriced shops.

We headed back in and had lunch with 2 lovely couples at the formal dining room. Small talk is always difficult for me in a forced eating setting, but it was okay. Get two or three Southern ladies over the age of 30 together and they can carry a conversation for HOURS if you let them. Jack is truly in his element there, especially when he gets to talk to older ladies. She offered us two tickets to the Ice Capades onboard, so we had a plan for the afternoon.

After lunch, we decided to try out the sundeck and read and get a little sun. The pool area was hosting a Men’s Sexy Legs contest that quickly devolved into geriatric men and men old enough to know better, gyrating in the faces of the poor women who’d volunteered to judge. The ship is awash in hotties, but apparently they were too busy working on their tans and lounging in their squarecuts to want to compete in the Sexy Legs contest. We found two beach chairs, pulled up to the edge, and lounged for hours, even managing to fall asleep. I’d decided to play in the dodgeball tournament, which, in hindsight, might have been better played after stretching and a drink. I had fun, while the hubby decided to sit and watch, which may have been the best decision he’s made in his life. I’m still sore, and I have snorkeling and hiking and kayaking to do this week. Ugh.

The ice show was next and featured a guest appearance by Annette, one of our lunchtime tablemates. Photos from the show are available. We had a beverage of the day (Uhhh…I can’t remember what it was called, but it did have mango rum in it, so it was remotely yum). We finished the show and came back to the room to rest for dinner (YES I SAID REST FOR DINNER…Shut up.) Woke up for dinner at 7:30 and made it to our table on time. Now…we’ve had wonderful experiences with table mates at the dinners. We’ve had some horrific experiences. After getting booted from our table by a homophobic group, we’re kinda gunshy about dinner. We were pleasantly surprised to find we weren’t the only gay couple onboard, and we weren’t the only gay couple at our table. Greg and Paul are Dallasites, Beverly and Keith are from I don’t know, and Denise and Will are from TX. Everyone was lovely. Jack even had difficulty holding court at the table, as Paul appears to be just a little more Alpha Gay, at the moment. I anticipate that that will change. I’ll keep you posted.

Okay…I love the karaoke, and the plan for the evening was to compete in the ship’s karaoke tournament. Let’s just say that the competition was either dreadful or ridiculously good. No real in between. Singers on holiday or wives singing to their husbands in the key of off. Plus, on a ship full of Texans, I could sense the tide turning toward Karaoke Country Idol. Even the one country song I’m fairly comfortable with was sung by a lady onboard, so that killed it for me that night. I may try my hand at it another night, but for now…I’ll let the future Garths and Waylons have the stage.

We headed off to bed and room service (SHUT UP!!! Sunbathing and walking the length of the ship makes you hungry.) We had another day at sea to look forward to, so we would need the rest.

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