Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Day of "Rest"

Wake up at 6:30 with Jack

6:35 Fall asleep
7:30 Wake up and kiss Sweetie who is on way to work
7:35 Fall back asleep
9:30 Wake up and have cereal (Corn Pops) and read the paper
10:30 Shower
11:00 Get out of house and go get haircut
12:30 Drive to library and return Christmas music and pick up more
1:00 Head to Half Price books for some stocking stuffers and gifts
2:30 Stop at Blockbuster to look for game
3:00 Leave Blockbuster and run to local music store for cds and games for Wii
3:30 Run to Big Lots to check on item for gag gift (they were out)
4:00 Race home to start dinner and clean before Hubby gets home.
4:30 Get home, chat with neighbor, unload car and feed dogs and cat.
5:00 Load and unload dishwasher, start preparing potatoes for soup
5:30 Kiss hubby when he gets home and set soup to cooking while I start cleaning dning room
6:30 Fix soup with potato flakes and serve
7:00 Start cleaning room to set up tree
7:10 Get sucked into The View, then Kitchen Nightmares, then Rachael Maddow, then Top Chef
10:15p Potty break
11:00p Start newsletter

That about brings us to current. I also ordered magazine subscriptions for gifts, paid bills, and answered Twitter msgs and Facebook messages, and recorded cds to my laptop.

Productive? Yes. Restful? No!

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