Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Today was a good day-ish.

Got up and made it to work vaguely on time (mental note: set alarm 1 not alarm 2). Managed to get most of my projects done, whether it be by myself or others. I only had one moment where I might have had to cuss a customer (please don't ever presume to tell me how to do my customer service job...if your geriatric ass is too tired to politely wait until I resolve the issue of the customer in front of you, then maybe you should have reconsidered shopping today).

I got home and my baby was working hard on the upstairs remodeling project. I got a contractor lined up to come visit us next week and give us an estimate on work. We had lasagna for dinner and now I'm fixin' to crawl into bed with my snugglebunny. The pups are nested and all is well. Looks like a pretty damned good day around here....

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