Wednesday, April 7, 2010

American Idol - Beatles Night

Here's how it went down, minus Didi Benami:

Aaron Kelly - Long and Winding Road
Not a good song choice for him. He doesn't do well with the softer moments. He kind needs a belting song.

Katie Stevens - Let It Be
She is in great voice tonight! Great song choice and done really well.

Andrew Garcia - Can't Buy Me Love
Weird arrangement. It was distracting. Vocals were...okay, but not amazing.

Michael Lynch - Elenor Rigby
Alllllllllllllmost a moment! Loved his comfort level, but not all of the choices.

Crystal Bowersox - Come Together
A natural blend of the song and artist. Was it too easy? She really has to find a standout song. It was solid, but didn't blow me away.

Tim Urban - All My Lovin'
Good. He really is either really solid or HORRIBLE in some way. He did a good job.

Casey James - Jealous Guy
Damn!!! Performance of the night. Raw. Beautiful. Amazing.

Siobhan Magnus - Across the Universe
The geek princess scored again. Lovely, but dreamy. It had a lullaby quality to it.

Lee Dewyze - Hey Jude
Wow...for an uptempo song, it was sleepy. And what the eff with the bagpipes?!?

Top 2: Casey and Katie
Bottom 2: Andrew and Aaron

It might be Andrew's week.

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