Monday, February 16, 2009

Life Update

I haven't posted personal stuff for awhile, so I need to get caught up. Work has come to a level place after the stress coaster that are retail visits. Now, we have had something like 20 visits in the last 2 months (almost literally). These visits are really complete and total disruptions of the workweek, because while we are supposed to be doing things to make the store look great for our customers, but in actuality we spend that time getting the store detailed and scrubbed for the 1/2 hr. to an hour the visitor spends walking through the store. We then get to spend the rest of the day trying to do all the other things that we really needed to do to make our day to day activities go smoothly.

My most sincere wish is that each upper management person who schedules a visit gets to spend a few weeks not just judging the stores, but actually working in a store at our level. All week. Every time a visit is scheduled. Then have someone else schedule 3 visits a week. Then cut their hours. Just sayin'. Leave us alone so we can actually get work done.

We then got audited. Twice. We failed. Twice. Why? Many of the things we would normally do to get the store ready (detail the racks, size merchandise, make sure things are locked properly, etc.) we didn't do because WE HAD 3 VISITS INTERRUPT US! Mind you...the visits were a rousing success. Our boss, he received many many MANY kudos for the way that he runs his stores and us in particular for being the best store in his district (which we are rewarded by receiving EVERY FREAKIN' visit that comes to town). Still, we look like these slackers because we failed to cross every t and dot every i. (sigh)

The husband and I are looking EVER so forward to our vacation. We drive to Galveston and hop on a cruise through the Western Caribbean. 4 days at sea and 3 days in port. Rock on!

The Teen has returned and aside from his decided unwillingness to wash his clothes, it has been good. He's home. He's healthy. He's working. That is our blessing.

So aside from work being a crazytown, life is good.

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(F)redddy said...

Mmmmmmm, Galveston.

I had no idea there was so much drama going on inside a Clare's Boutique.