Sunday, January 4, 2009

Inventory Prep Sucks

It is now the beginning of a new retail year and, as with all other companies, we are getting our stores ready for our annual inventory. Inventory in a store my size can go one of two ways: ridiculously smooth (where you wonder if everything actually was counted correctly) or nightmarishly (where it drags on F O R E V E R and you know things went horribly). All of that depends on the inventory prep. Day after day after day of checking to make sure everything has a ticket on it, the damaged stuff gets sent to hell where it belongs, and the mismated items find their friends.

This is a whippin' of galactic size. I hate children's clothes, I hate parents of children, and I edge closer and closer to wanting to hate children, but I know they are pretty much the monsters mom and dad mae them.

4 more days of this and I'm done. Woo hoo. If it doesn't kill me first.

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